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How To Use Chocolate To Tackle Climate Change

March 3rd, 2008 · No Comments · Climate Change

With just a few small adjustments to our everyday lives – such as switching off our computers at night – we can easily reduce our impact on climate change. However, some people just don’t seem to care…

I was once told a story about a company struggling to persuade it’s employees to switch off their computers at night. Management had tried everything and had run out of ideas. One night a couple of employees held back as everyone went home. They waited until everyone else had left then they prowled round each desk and wherever they found a computer that was switched off, they deposited a small box of chocolates on the keyboard. After this lap of the office our heroes stole off into the night.

The next day there was a great buzz in the office about the mysterious chocolates. Who had left them? Why were they only on a few desks? Would there be more chocolates the next day?

There were indeed more chocolates the next day and this time on a few more keyboards than before…

Eventually people began to cotton on to what was going on and within a few days everybody in the office was switching off their computer before they went home at night.


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