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Four Lovely Halloween Celebrations

November 3rd, 2008 · 2 Comments · Big Companies, Google, GSOH, Small Companies, Special Occasions

Historically there isn’t anything lovely about Halloween.  However in recent years, for most people, it has become a fun festival to celebrate with food, fancy dress, friends and family.

Many companies celebrate Halloween too.  Here’s our pick of this year’s bunch.

1. Google often update their homepage logo for Halloween and this year was no exception!

Google also added a couple of important lines to their robots.txt file:

User-agent: zombies
Disallow: /brains

2. Twitter.  There are already lots of special characters available on Twitter.  However they added some new ones specially for Halloween. Try: >o< and `O !

3. TED ran a special TED Pumpkin Prize competition this year, a parody of the TED prize .  The web team at TED have recently been re-encoding a load of TED talks for the website and this year’s winner of the TED Pumpkin Prize was ‘Joe the Encoder’.

3. Presence Multimedia celebrated Halloween with the release of a Flash game.  Try your hand at ‘Witches Brew’ here or on Facebook .

4. And finally… a photo from the offices of UK startup where it appears they take their fancy dress very seriously:

(Photo from Flickr , used with permission.)

Check out more halloween company logos over on TechCrunch and on Flickr .


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