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The Paradox Of Choice

November 13th, 2008 · 2 Comments · On Loveliness

Barry Schwartz’s brilliant TED talk (embedded below) has some fascinating implications. He argues that delightful experiences are becoming scarcer as we come to expect perfection in so many aspects of our lives. He argues that the secret to happiness is to lower our expectations.

Does that mean that in documenting lovely companies, I am raising expectations and contributing to dissappointment and unhappiness? When you read about the amazing customer service at Zappos or the amount of money that JustGiving have helped raise for charity, does that make you sad that other companies don’t do more?

I posed this question on Twitter and received the following thoughtful response from Nika:

I think your site is helping to narrow down options to the ones worth spending time and/or money on. Not all choice is bad after all ;)
- @nikachu

What is the harm in raising the standards of loveliness in companies? Surely it will only encourage further innovative loveliness in order to keep us delighted…

What do you think?


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