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Is Jason Calacanis the next Yahoo CEO?

January 8th, 2009 · 5 Comments · Big Companies

Last night on Twitter I think I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see. Click the screenshot on the left to see what I saw.
Here’s what it says:

JasonCalacanis: “direct @TechCrunch Mike, I told you i can’t comment on the yahoo CEO announcement yet, still finalizing my deal as ceo.”

As soon as I double checked what I’d seen, the post disappeared and it seems only two other people on Twitter picked this up: here and here. It looks like someone forgot how to send a direct (private) message and used the wrong prefix – ‘direct’ instead of ‘d’.

Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s previous CEO, stepped down last November adding $1.8bn to the value of the company – ouch! Now the search is on to replace him. Could Jason Calacanis be the man for the job?

Calacanis has been learning about search recently as he’s currently building his own search engine: Mahalo. Might this be an opportunity for Mahalo and Yahoo to merge in some way?

Calacanis could also be one of the “well known Silicon Valley executives” that TechCrunch says are putting together a Microsoft-backed bid for Yahoo.

And finally, TechCrunch joked that a recent SEC investigation probably ruled out Mark Cuban for the CEO post. However Cuban is an investor in Mahalo and could also be one of the Silicon Vally executives mentioned above. Could this be Cuban’s chance to get involved with Yahoo either directly or via Mahalo?


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  • buzzsaw

    is this a joke? Jason Calacanis has a very mixed record at SMALL companies. He has no experience being a real CEO.

  • Milo Yiannopoulos

    Wow. Awesome spot.

  • Milo Yiannopoulos

    … if it's not just Calacanis toying with us. ;)

  • Sunil Rajaraman

    My company, Scripped Inc. (Web-based Screenwriting Software) just had a speaker series event with Jason at the UCLA Anderson School – he had some great things to say about entrepreneurship and really fired up the crowd. We'll be releasing all ten segments over the next couple of weeks – thought it would be appropriate to post here.

  • DHS

    Those videos are wonderfully inspiring and thought-provoking – thank you for sharing them!

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