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Employees Rewarded for Reducing Carbon Footprint

September 24th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Big Companies, Environment, Lovely to Staff, Sustainability


How would you like your employer to hold you accountable for your carbon footprint?

WSP Group is doing just that.  The global management and consultancy service is pioneering a novel way to reduce the carbon footprint of its employees.

The scheme is the first of its kind and has been running in the UK for two years.  So far, 80 members of staff have volunteered to take part.

The Personal Carbon Tracking Scheme (PACT) helps to track the carbon footprint of employees who are each ‘allowed’ an annual carbon budget of 5.5 tonnes of emissions.

The company provides tools for employees to measure their carbon emissions every quarter.  Measures such as cycling to work, staying in the UK for holidays and using environmentally-friendly electricity providers all help employees to meet their targets.

There is a reward of £100 for staff whose carbon emissions are within their annual carbon budget and a £100 fine for staff whose carbon emissions are too high.  Most staff choose to donate their reward money (or pay their fine) to charity.  In 2008, the company was able to donate £1300 to the Woodland Trust.

WSP are now looking to expand the scheme worldwide.

More information on PACT can be found on the WSP site.

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  • davidsymons

    Hi Rachel – thanks for covering our PACT scheme. It's been very well received by our staff and we'd love to extend the concept wider into other firms. It's also nice to feature on a site with such a nice name as well! Kind regards David

  • Rachel Pattisson

    Hello David, Thanks for commenting. You're welcome for the coverage! It sounds like such an excellent idea: a really positive approach to a serious issue.

  • MindfulMum

    I like the sound of thePACT shceme. It helps to raise awareness of carbon emissions and a company taking part would be the kind of business I would be attracted to as an employee! The £100 award for staff is a real bonus! Not sure about the fine though – much prefer lots of carrots!

  • Rachel Pattisson

    Don't worry – it's all voluntary. I hope we see lots of other companies following suit.

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