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Sneak Peak Inside Fruit Towers

September 26th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Innocent, Lovely People

innocent drinks recently had a visit from the folks at and they were kind enough to take a camera crew around with them so that we can all have a peak inside!

Look out for innocent’s Sustainability Manager Jess Samson who we wrote about last December.


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  • Natalie

    It's really lovely to see behind the scenes at Innocent Drinks. They sound like a fantastic company, with a great attitude towards their employees and fruit suppliers alike and their drinks are completely, utterly, addictive! I've recently managed to find their new fruit squeezies for my kids, which are like fruity versions of Frubes, but without the dairy element of course! The children really love them! Great company, great products… well deserved success!

  • M.Fry

    Do you still consider Innocent to be such a “lovely company” now that it's sold a chunk of itself to Coca Cola and looks likely be taking the first steps on a strategy which will see the soft drinks giant eventually acquire the whole company? You don't seem to have mentioned this, yet still seem to be unquestioningly reproducing Innocent's ain't-we-wonderful-and-fluffy marketing puff!

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