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Kind Toys From The Organic Toy Company

October 28th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Environment, Organic, Sustainability

Organic Toy CoI’ve learnt a lot.

Take cotton, for example.  A simple, natural material, you might think, but Natalie Southgate, founder of The Organic Toy Company knows otherwise.

“Conventional, non-organic cotton is one of the most environmentally devastating and toxic forms of agriculture in the world,” she says, explaining that the chemicals involved in cotton production are responsible for polluting the environment and poisoning the farmers who work with them.  Every year there are over 20,000 deaths among cotton farmers and their workers in developing countries.

This is unacceptable.

Southgate’s investigations into organic cotton began with her own children in mind.  She found that conventional toys aggravated the symptoms of eczema and allergies: little wonder when you consider the chemical cocktail that has gone into making them.  Organically produced materials, without added harmful chemicals, are far kinder to allergy sufferers.  They’re kinder to the environment too.

At The Organic Toy Company, you will find an ever-growing selection of organic toys and baby gifts, all ethically sourced.

When it comes to online toy shopping, I have yet to find a more comprehensive website.  Product descriptions detail the precise origins of each item, including information about the source of materials used and the ethical working conditions of manufacture.  At last, parents have a real chance to consider the environmental and ethical impact of the toys they buy.

Have a look at The Organic Toy Company’s new website, which went live recently.  Gorgeous toys, quality information and unshakable ethics: we could all learn a lot.

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  • seymourpattisson

    Excellent. I bet our littlest would love the Wondercube play-tissue box. If only they had a function…

  • Mindful Mum

    Wow what a great company. I have just been researching pesticides in food and found a whole of information on the toxic chemicals used to grow cotton. It is really scary – cotton uses more hazardous pesticides than any other crop.

  • kclau17

    I wan the wondercude!

  • Samantha

    wonderful post giving us  knowledge on the cotton industry and thank you very much for sharing this  information .

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