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Renewable Energy Alternatives For Your Home with Greenheart Installations

April 20th, 2010 · 20 Comments · Environment, Small Companies, Sustainability

solar panels

Like charity and family values, energy efficiency begins at home. So with your washing on at 30 and the kettle half full you might be looking at your rickety old boiler as the biggest energy thief in the kitchen, but before you rush out and buy the combi-boiler they’ve got next door, take a minute to check out Greenheart Installations and their renewable plumbing services.

They offer a variety of systems designed to reduce energy costs and carbon consumption, as well as prolonging the life of your boiler by cutting its workload. Their systems include Solar Thermal Heating, Air Source Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers and Under Floor Heating.

Solar Thermal Heating involves hooking up a specialist boiler to a solar panel on the roof; this collects solar energy which is then used to heat water for your system. Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) uses energy from the condensation of gas to liquid within a closed system to heat water, and with 1Kw of electrical energy producing 2.5Kw of heat energy it is a very efficient method of doing so. As you might expect biomass boilers are just like normal boilers except they run on wood and biomass rather than gas or electricity. Under Floor Heating (USH) is exactly as it sounds, it constantly pumps water through small pipes under the floor, but at a lower temperature than normal central heating meaning it has a less work to do and thus saves energy.

We spoke to Rob Holmes at Greenheart to find out more:

Each system we install is tailor made to the customers needs. For example a big family will have a higher water consumption so will need a bigger tank and more solar panels than a couple living alone.”

“To help customers make the right choice for them we conduct a site survey and discuss what they want. Some ring up and say they just want some renewable technology and we go over the options and recommend certain products, others have particular ideas and we’ll do the research on the products they want. We’re flexible and work with the customer to get what they want out of it.”

As you might expect installation costs for these systems are not cheap, but with the savings made on your energy bills they’re still a worthwhile investment if you own your home. There are also grants available as part of the governments Low Carbon Buildings Program (LCBP) and, if you live in the Chichester area, from the Chichester District Council (go to or for more info).

With a typical Solar Heating system you can go six months to a year without using gas and customers generally save at least 50% on their bill, with some even saving as much as 70%. If you have an Air Source Heat Pump you don’t use gas at all for heating water. The average time to recoup installation costs is roughly 5-7 years, but it can be as little as 3.”

“You can apply for the government grant online, we give them the information they need and it’s fairly simple. With the council grant we give them the names and numbers and talk them through it, it’s fairly straightforward and the grants come through pretty quickly.”

These new technologies are not only renewable but reliable as well:

The only maintenance required is an annual check up. This is a simple inspection that only takes about half an hour and it’s another service we provide. We always endeavour to give customer satisfaction and we even service systems that have been installed by other companies.”

If you want to make a carbon difference in your own home then Greenheart could help you take a significant chunk out of your footprint. They offer renewable energy alternatives to cut down on harm to the environment and the cost of your bill, so if you’re interested in killing two birds with one green stone then check out


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